Respecting Diversity 

We recognise that we work in a richly diverse community.

Respecting Boundaries 

We recognise the importance of boundaries and are committed to raising awareness in recognising, understanding and respecting them. 


Appreciating and Celebrating Diverse Cultural Heritage

 We are committed to celebrating African & Caribbean culture with the community.

Respecting Family Values 

We recognise and respect the positive values passed down within each family and support families in a way which does not undermine their family values, but enhances, enriches and reinforces them.

Promoting Respect

We positively promote self-respect of the individual. It is  integral to how we work with children and families in the community.

Recognition that we can change ourselves and our Environment 

We believe that no matter what our circumstances or our environment, with a willing mind and determination, we all have the ability to positively change ourselves and our environment.

Providing Positive Role Models 

We recognise that in most cases the first positive role model in a child’s life is their parents. We aim to support parents to promote their child’s learning and development.

Developing Self-Esteem and Empowerment

We pledge to support the development of self-esteem in children, young people and their parents.

Taking Responsibility for Ourselves and our Actions

We are responsible for all of our actions.