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Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

It starts with a feeling of despair, panic and frustration.

You question everything around you, you begin to question yourself.

You wonder if you have what it takes, if you really are the right person to do this.

You’ll begin to self-sabotage, convincing yourself that you’re a fraud and everyone will soon find out.

That, my loves, is fear.

That’s the feeling we deal with when we’re trying something new. When we’ve stepped outside of the comfort zone and tried a different route.

It would be easy to give up now because it’s always hard in the beginning. It’s a shock to the system to now be responsible for this little life and teach them everything you know.

The biggest lessons I wanted to teach my daughters weren’t obvious at first. Reading and writing were at the top of my list, naturally, but I realised it wouldn’t quite be enough. They needed the one thing I didn’t witness as a child, the one thing I fought to learn in adulthood;


We’ll teach our children by reading to them, by giving them instructions and opportunities to try new things. But the biggest lesson of all is in how we represent ourselves, how we live our lives, the choices we make and what we do to make life meaningful.

Your child will grow up to be an adult who can create a happy, healthy and fulfilling life for

themselves. It’s up to you to show them how to do it.

Annika Spalding is an award-winning author and creative mentor with a tendency to talk all things motherhood, domestic violence, mental health, social media and self-development, while also being a mummy to two future leaders. Gosh, this explains her tiredness!



Twitter: @AnnikaSpalding

Instagram: @annika_spalding

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