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The Kugali Anthology: African Narratives

In Africa, stories have been passed down from generations and live on through oral traditions. But in order to share our stories with the world, we need to think of new ways to showcase our culture. With Kugali we want to destroy the myth that Africa has nothing to offer to the world. We want to shine a light on stories that draw inspiration from, or,  are based on African culture so as to show the world what we are capable of and to inspire the next generation of creators to follow their dreams, to be true to themselves and proud of their roots, especially when there is such a need for more diverse representation.

Kugali’s journey began when 3 friends from Nigeria and Uganda noticed the lack of mainstream content from Africa, mainly through comics and animation. This lead to the launch of Kugali’s  first Pan-African comic magazine back in 2017, only to become a year later the Kugali Anthology. This project was born from a successful Kickstarter campaign featuring over 20 different artists and creators from over a dozen African countries and  backed by more than 750 people across the world.

To this day Kugali has published 2 anthologies split into 2 editions- the Standard edition which is catered for readers of all ages and is filled with stories that will take you on an African adventure. And the Raki edition is aimed at more mature readers that like their stories a little more dark and gory. Parallel to this, we are also running  an online reading subscription service called: The Kugali Comic club where we release weekly chapters of some of our ongoing series for those who need their weekly comic fix and where readers can have early access to some original Kugali content.

This year, we have released Kugali’s first original graphic novel -Nani- about two sisters who are transported to a world inspired by African mythical creatures and legends. In honour of Black History Month, we also partnered with Snapchat to create a filter that lets people feel like African kings and queens. In 2020, we wish to continue creating new original content showcasing the diverse talents of African creators while pushing the boundaries of Augmented Reality and storytelling.

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