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The Mind of an Entrepreneur

Hi, my name is Osi Ejiofor and I am an entrepreneur. Although this introduction may sound like the opening of a support group testimony, I am far from embarrassed to share this. In fact I am relieved to have identified myself as such. I have spent over 14 years in education and have realised the value of identifying your strengths. I started my career as a teaching assistant and finished as an assistant head teacher. Along the way I founded both Osi’s Tech Tips and EJWAY Education. I was what you might call a Teacherpreneur.

So what’s so important about the mind of an entrepreneur? There are many attributes that make an entrepreneur effective, such as, vision, discipline, passion, persistence and any of the seven types of intelligence. The application of these favourable attributes are all dependent on the mind state. The ability to draw on any one of these assets is enabled or limited by the mind. We don’t often consider how to think.

At the commencement of the entrepreneur’s journey we may consider other things as more

important, like keeping good financial records or registering as a limited company etc. We don’t often consider how we can develop the way we think. It is my opinion that the success or failure of any start up is wholly based upon the mindset of the entrepreneur. I have recently had this belief confirmed by sections of a book I was reading by Napoleon Hill (Think and Grow Rich), in which he not only confirms this but sights evidence from his research to support his claims. My question to you is, how are you developing the way you think?

Osi Ejifor is the founder of Osi's Tech Tips and EJWAY Education.

Twitter: @osistechtips

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