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Writing. The art of expressing your thoughts, opinions and imagination in black and white.  This came rather easily to me and from an early age I could be found doodling on the backs of recipes, to planning and writing elaborate novels that still aren't finished :)

In 2013, when I was ten, my family travelled to Ghana, my dad's country. I loved it and started writing stories based on experiences there.  Fast-forward to 2018, at age 15, my family started a venture: AfterMyKind -  A vision to reconnect our children with the beauty of the African family unit. Educating them about their heritage and culture through story and play.  I was asked to produce some stories under this vision, of course that was no problem :) and two days later the Effie series was born.

The first book Effie and Mama at the Market introduces the reader to the sights, sounds and cultural etiquette of a west African market through the eyes of three year old Effie. In this book she goes on her first trip to the market with Mama.

The second and third books, Effie and the Castle part 1 and part 2 tells about Effie's journey with her family to her Great Grandma's house in the town of Elmina, Ghana.  There she hears a story rooted in her family's past, a story rooted in Ghana's past that changes the course of it's people forever.   It brings to life Effie's visit to Elmina Castle in part 2 a story of History, Slavery and Mystery.

These books written in English have the Twi language of Ghana interspersed into the story, including a glossary.  The back pages have recipes, facts and figures, African abolitionists, diasporian nation builders and more: educating the reader as well as entertaining him/her.  They are also written in a way that encourages interaction between older readers and younger readers, learning and sharing together.

You can find out more at and our instagram page @aftermykind.  Watch out for further books to come.  L'amour Essie Ansah

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