Our Vision

is that families of African and Caribbean heritage and people from disadvantaged communities have the knowledge, skills and opportunities to achieve and live their best lives possible.

Our Mission

is to provide parents, young people and children, educational, social and cultural support services and activities that recognise and celebrate African & Caribbean contributions to history & culture.

THE CARAF Centre was established in 1998, by the Camden Black Parents and Teachers Association (CBP&TA). Founded in 1980, the CBP&TA was set up to support the parents of black and minority ethnic and low-income families.


It did this by providing practical educational, emotional and behavioural support to children and their families. Today, the CARAF Centre continues this work offering a variety of services within this ethos.



How and why did the organisation start?


Find out about our values and guiding principles.  What do we stand for?


Our organisation consists of a small staff team conducting and delivering community projects and fundraising.  We are led by a dedicated team of Trustees.  Project delivery and fundraising are the two main priority areas of work.

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